Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

If you are receiving an “invalid download link” error when you click on your download in your email, please make sure you are LOGGED IN to the website at FIRST then click the download.

Yes, there is an added feature located at the right hand bottom corner of the website in which you can introduce yourself first and correspond through. Please leave your email as I have clients all around the world and in different time zones so I want to make sure I can respond back to everyone!

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can find Briana’s respective social media. Other platforms you can find Briana on include: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube


There is a “Contact Us” form located at the top of the form. Be sure to fill in all necessary details.

To access any programs you purchased, locate the “My account” tab at the top of the page and sign in with your proper username and password.

Workout Program Questions

No. You need to take time to rest and recover. Two to three days in between leg/glute workouts should suffice. You can lift other body parts and groups on these days as well as do the cardio/hiit regime.

The programs offered right now are only gym based. There will be upcoming programs that you will be able to do with minimal equipment and at the convenience of your home.

The best way is to tag her @bribaebee as well as use the hashtag #brisbabes. She would be thrilled to see your journey and show love back on your pictures on social media! You can also tweet her @bribaebee33 or snap her at @bribaebee33 as well.

Yes, Briana would love to be updated with your before and after pictures. Please send to for a chance to be featured on her website or social media. It is important to wear similar clothing, have similar lighting/background, and to pose the same for these photos. Make sure to include your name, and instagram name as well so other people can follow you and track your progress!

Both workout programs are 12 weeks long.

Yes, equally challenging leg/glute workouts are included in the Total Body Transformation Program. Keep in mind that the Glute Guide comes with instructional videos. However, at this point in time, the Total Body Transformation Program does not include videos. Fortunately, this program will be revamped shortly to include videos.

I recommend that you are prepared to mentally and physically commit yourself before starting this program. The programs are designed to be intermediate level of training. The workouts are high intensity& provide a structured and innovative way for you to train. The exercises within this program vary greatly.

The program is 12 weeks long. There are two leg/glute workouts per week as well as specified cardio or hiit training three times a week. There should be enough days in between workouts to allow for recovery.

At this point in time, I do not offer meal plans, however, I do provide guidelines for pre & post workout nutrition. I differentiate simple carbohydrates from complex carbohydrates and provide examples of both. In addition, I include recommended protein intake and suggest when to time your meal prior to your workout.

Results vary among individuals.