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Introducing Bri’s Band Program

Home Fitness Workouts! Grab Your Copy Today!

Introducing my Band Home Fitness Program that helps any fitness level workout from home or while traveling using just your bodyweight and these resistance bands. This is a total full body workout program that focuses on 5 workouts a week that should take you about 30-45 minutes to complete. It makes sure to challenge each of your major muscle groups biceps, triceps, core, chest, quadriceps, glutes, and shoulders!  Each week into the program gets progressively harder to continue to challenge your body.
In my programs are options for a full 6 weeks to 12 weeks of workout programming in a digital E-book, not a DVD, that you can download and take anywhere on your smartphone that tells you the exact exercise, number of sets, and repetitions using the resistance bands and even has workout tutorials to show you the exact form if you have any questions! Paired with a good nutrition plan and this is a great program to help you lose excess body fat while tightening and toning your whole body!
Save and bundle!  I also have my new set of Bris Bands to use with this program!
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The Results Speak For Themselves!

“Briana’s glute guide is simply amazing! I am sweating the entire workouts keep my heart rate up! I love the way she set it up so I am working out my legs, but always targeting my glutes! I’ve gained endurance and my glutes are transforming! Briana is always there to support and answer any questions I have”


“I’ve been doing Bri’s 12 week glute program and I feel I’m getting EVERYTHING I want out of it. Bri has been very responsive to all my questions, but most importantly, she has kept me motivated with all her positivity and feedback! She has done nothing but encourage and support my fitness journey. Bri is very honest with me and focuses on the nutrition/workouts rather than pushing unnecessary supplements. It makes her workout plans AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE for me being a nursing student”


“I’m on week five of her program & I already feel like a new person. What she is doing LEGITIMATELY. WORKS. I can’t believe I’ve seen such progress so fast. I’ve been working my glutes for a YEAR, but I’ve seen my biggest gains in the five weeks I’ve been doing her program. She is the best and my booty is forever grateful to her. I can’t wait to keep working”


I Can Relate To You…

Briana Chandler
 Your Fitness Partner

I decided to create my own fitness Instagram about a year ago because I realized I had a strong desire to share my growing passion of fitness with others. Not many of my friends could relate with me, so I hoped that I could connect with other like-minded individuals through social media.

I am working hard to build a career off of my passion & encourage others to do the same. I believe that if you have a passion for something, it was put there for a reason, and if you stay persistent, it will have a way of falling into place.

My mission is to empower as many individuals as possible to live a healthy lifestyle. Likewise, I want to show to others that they can live the life they dream of with a strong work ethic & a positive attitude. I believe that the energy that you exude, is the energy that you will receive. It is truly rewarding to help another reach his or her fitness goals. I cherish all the individuals I have been able to connect with and I look forward to the relationships that will be made in the future. I want to be a witness to each and everyone’s fitness journeys. The journey is to be appreciated as much as the end product is.

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